31 Days of German Riesling


JULY 2018

This month we’re taking part in ’31 Days of German Riesling’, a month-long celebration of Germany’s signature grape. It’s a campaign involving independent merchants, restaurants and wine bars across the UK.

We’re making a modest contribution by hosting a tasting of three wines this Friday from Pfalz producer Hanewald-Schwerdt. On free pouring between 5pm and 7.30pm this Friday are:

Herrenmorgen Riesling Trocken 2014 (£16.45)
Riesling “Kalkriff” Trocken 2016 (£14.80)
Riesling “Auf der Pochel” Trocken 2016 (£12.25) 

We have never poured three wines made from the same grape from the same region from the same producer on the same evening before. What’s the difference between the three wines? Join us tomorrow evening and find out.

There will be 10% off the above shelf prices on the night. Everyone who makes a purchase gets a free dip into the Prohibition Wines German Riesling Goody-bag © with a chance to win sunglasses, corkscrews, sunglasses, aprons, pens and sunglasses. Please join us.

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