Cautionary tales for Chablis lovers


JUNE 2018

Last Monday, we went to Hix Oyster and Chop House. It’s Oyster Happy Hour on weeknights which lasts for, er, three hours with oysters at £1.25 a pop. Hix also offers free corkage on a Monday. Winner, winner, fishy dinner.

We took our last bottle of Billaud-Simon Chablis Premier Cru Mont de Milieu 2012. We’d been saving it for a special occasion and what better occasion than the start of a new week? It was brought into town in the morning by Mrs Prohibition Wines and spent the day nicely chilling, incognito, in the office fridge. Cold Burgundy chilling. The anticipation. The waiting. Early evening, it was carted across town and bottle proffered to the sommelier. “Nice choice”, he said. More chilling. More anticipation. Oysters shucked and sucked and chewed and swallowed. The bottle appeared. Nearly time. Corkscrew inserted, a reassuring ‘pop’. A quick sniff of the cork. The sommelier’s expression. A smile not borne of enjoyment but of apologetic sympathy. ‘No!’, we said in unison. And then the familiar whiff of wet cardboard, the harbinger of 2,4,6-Trichloroanisole. Cork taint. Corked. Ruined. Our last bottle. Undrinkable. And no backup. Still, the oysters were darn good.

So, this seems an opportune moment to remind, suggest and cajole; please do always bring wine back to us if it’s corked or otherwise faulty. We can get a refund on it and you should too. Oh yes, and always have a backup.

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