Our ethics

Our ethics

We value integrity, honesty, openness, fairness, respect and transparency. These values guide our dealings with all of those with whom we work and come into contact, whether directly or indirectly – from our customers and suppliers to our neighbours and fellow businesses. And not forgetting the bank, Haringey Council and HMRC.

Our values apply to all aspects of our business conduct, from paying suppliers on time, paying our Christmas casuals properly to respecting intellectual property, personal data and confidentiality. We’re open and honest with anyone with whom we have a business relationship, and we expect them to be open and honest in return and maintain confidentiality.

Wine gets on our shelf because…

we really like it. With the exception of about ten wines in the shop we try every wine before we buy it, including new vintages, and only sell wines that we consider to be good quality, represent good value for money and that make us happy. We stock a few wines that we have not tried, where they are too expensive and too limited to make it economically viable to open up a bottle as a sample. Our buying decisions for these wines are based on research of trusted sources.

By the way, we don’t taste all our beers or spirits otherwise we would do nothing else and be very drunk and fat. We will only buy beers and spirits that we have not tasted ourselves where they are highly recommended by reliable and independent sources.

You won’t find things on our shelves because someone has offered us an inducement to stock them such as:   

Hospitality and gifts

We accept limited hospitality from suppliers and producers but only from those with whom we work. This hospitality includes the occasional working lunch or dinner and Christmas gifts (including sausages from the Roussillon and leaky packets of anchovies from Pais Vasco). Such hospitality forms part of our normal working relationship with suppliers and is not accepted as an inducement to buy wine we would not otherwise buy.  We do not accept hospitality of any kind from prospective suppliers or prospective producers.

Overseas trips

We do not accept free or subsidised trips from current suppliers, producers or wine media.

We recommend wine to our customers because…

…we really like it and we believe they will too and not because we stand to win a prize if we sell loads of it or we need to get rid of it. So..


We do not take part in promotions organised by producers or suppliers that reward us for selling a high volume of a particular wine or range although we may take part in competitions that reward us for selling wine from a particular region, such as Rioja month. When we do so, this is made clear to customers and customer recommendations remain tailored to the customer’s requirements, not the promotion.