Tales of the Unexpected


MAY 2018

It’s been a fortnight of the unexpected. It started with the usually unflappable Mr Prohibition Wines getting in a flap over some flapping. A bird flew into his kitchen causing an ornithophobic meltdown. The great tit was making a hell of a lot of fuss and noise, as was the bird that flew into his kitchen. Luckily, a passing nonagenarian was able to come to Mr Prohibition Wines’ aid and sanity was restored.

Our second unexpected visit was from two officers of Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs who popped in to say hi, shoot the breeze and see if we were on the fiddle. Interviews were conducted, invoices were inspected and off they merrily went. Inconvenient perhaps, but if it helps the fight against hooky booze, we’re all in favour.

Our fortnight of unexpected events continued on Monday. A brief excursion to Brighton culminated in a visit to The Pond, a craft beer pub near the train station. And what a wondrous sight we did behold upon entering that fine establishment: the remnants of a tap takeover by Verdant meaning seven or eight Verdant beers on the pumps. A swift half turned into a lengthy research session and gave us a chance to sample some of the new Verdants that have arrived in the shop:

Verdant Neal Gets Things Done (£5.15), a 6.1% IPA. We don’t know who Neal is.

Verdant Who’s Deborah? (£6.75), an 8% DIPA. We don’t know who Deborah is.

Verdant Maybe, 1 More PSI DIPA (£6.25), an 8% DIPA made with Mosaic hops.

Verdant Even Sharks Need Water IPA (£5.15), a 6.5% IPA packed with Citra, Galaxy and Nelson Sauvin hops.

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